Weekly Update: Gratitude in the Face of Fire


This week, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude. Last week my house almost burned down. Everyone and everything is ok. And that’s why I’m grateful.

My bathroom fan was a relic from when the house was built more than 20 years ago. It caught fire.

But I was home at the time – instead of being away for work or even out shopping.

I had previously purchased a fire extinguisher – I was brought up with a “better safe than sorry” mindset that sticks to this day.

I knew where it was –  instead of having to root around for it for long minutes.

And I had the presence of mind to use it – instead of getting the hell outta dodge.

The firefighters who came to my door several minutes later said they’ve seen this kind of fire burn down homes. I lost a fan. The firefighters – bless them – did more damage to my home by pulling the damn thing out of the ceiling than the fire did.

Everyone and everything is ok. It could have gone differently.

And so I’m grateful. Incredibly, humbly grateful. For all the ways it didn’t go wrong.

I started this project as a way to improve myself. A way to optimize my life and realize my dreams. And while I believe the journey for self-improvement is incredibly valuable and rewarding, it is also critically important to take a moment to be grateful for the good we already have in our lives.

Whether it’s a good job, good friends/family, good opportunities, a roof over our heads, or even just the absence of things that could have gone worse, gratitude for the good things in our lives is critical. Never give up on moving forward. Never give up on being grateful for the good right here, where you are.

So today, I express my gratitude. For the things that could have gone worse but didn’t. For the good I have in my life; my family, my friends, a good job I do well, opportunities to improve my life, a roof (still) over my head. For all these and more, I am grateful.

See you at the finish line.

-The Jack of Spades


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