Weekly Update: Celebrate Progress


It was the middle of the afternoon on Friday. I hadn’t had the most successful day (ok, that’s a lie – I’d gotten almost nothing of value accomplished so far). I was looking at an equally unproductive afternoon/evening and decided that I needed gelato to get me through the rest of the day.

So there I am, in my car driving to the store to get some gelato – which is, by the way, way outside of my nutrition plan – thinking about how great my week has been. You heard me right. In the middle of an emergency ice cream break, I was celebrating how well my week had gone.

Since I started this project, I’ve actively tried to change the way I think about myself, productivity, and success. I’ve tried to break myself of the old habits where I judge myself only on how a single isolated moment goes. Instead, I’m trying to see success as a process of personal growth.

There’s a common quote in motivational circles, “success is a marathon, not a sprint.” It’s a powerful reminder to pace ourselves and think in the longer term rather than just the immediate sense. But while I like and appreciate the sentiment, there’s a corollary point I like to keep in mind: we don’t expect a person to wake up one day and suddenly be able to run a marathon.

Running a marathon takes skill and endurance that is developed over time. It takes dedication. It takes training. And that’s the point I’m celebrating this week. Just like a marathoner trains for the race, I’ve been training for success.

Did I get everything done I wanted to get done in the time I wanted to get it done? No. Case in point, my goal was to post this yesterday.

But I made progress. And that’s worth celebrating.


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