Increase Acuity One Input at a Time

eye-1245662_1920Before I started this project – and long before I actually started writing about this project – I used to experience pretty significant fluctuations in my energy levels. I would power through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, only to falter on Thursday and crash on Friday. I’d spent Saturday and Sunday trying desperately to recover enough energy to do it all again the following week.

This happened regularly enough I had a term for it. I called them “brownouts.” They became part of a familiar pattern of my life. And I hated it.

In particular, one of the defining characteristics of my “brownouts” was an inability to focus. I would have things I wanted to (had to) do, but couldn’t muster the attention or focus needed to do them. In other words, I had very little Acuity, the Output of the Core Energy of Mental Fortitude.

Fortunately, I’ve been learning that Mental Fortitude – just like any of the Core Energies in the Mana Matrix – is something that can and must be renewed through the intentional application of its Inputs. For Mental Fortitude, I see those Inputs as:

  • Curiosity – the degree to which we explore new ideas and learn new things
  • Creativity – the degree to which we nurture our inner creative selves
  • Structure – the framework and tools we use (e.g. Time Management techniques) to direct and manage our lives
  • Habits – the good (or bad) things we do as a matter of habit

By focusing on these Inputs, by making them integral parts of our lives, we can renew and increase our available Mental Fortitude. And the more Mental Fortitude we have, the more Acuity we have.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could certainly use more of that!

See you at the finish line!

-The Jack of Spades


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