About The Jack of Spades

Hi. My name is Ryan*

Like many of you, I have big ideas and bigger dreams. I have pages and pages of notes for projects that become less and less realistic with every passing day. And every time I let an opportunity pass me by, I wonder “what if.”

At first, it was “what if I had a little more time.” I read books on Time Management and even created an online course teaching people how to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

But I soon discovered that it wasn’t about having enough time. While I wholeheartedly agree that time is our most precious resource, it’s actually one I have in spades.

No, my problem is that I don’t have enough energy. I spendĀ all my spare time recuperating from the demands of my job and, well, life in general. I have a really good job, but it takes a lot of energy to do it well. And as I consistently rise to meet the new and interesting challenges that come my way, I find I have less and less energy to do anything else.

So, I set out to determine how I could increase my available energy. I read books, I talked to friends who were similarly struggling, and had many self-reflective moments. This project is the result of those efforts.

This project is about:

  1. Building an intentional framework for understanding the inputs and outputs of my personal energy
  2. Identifying practical and actionable strategies for increasing my energy and achieving success
  3. Validating these concepts through personal tests in the real world (i.e. my life)

In short, I’m a guy who’s not where he wants to be in life, who recognizes that his personal energy is the limiting factor in moving forward, and is struggling to find a tool he can use to make positive changes and realize his dreams.

This may be (ok, probably will be) a rocky road; but it’s going to be one heck of a ride! And I cordially invite you to join me.

Welcome to The Jack of Spades.

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*Wait, you mean your name isn’t actually Jack? Nope. It’s just a moniker I like. Maybe I’ll write a post about it some day.