Mana Matrix

Everything we do – from basic physical tasks to the navigation of social encounters, from solving problems to directing our lives with purpose – takes some form of energy. Different tasks take different types or amounts of energy. These energies are not limitless, but can be recovered over time or through direct and specific action.

The Mana Matrix is a framework that models the utilization and recovery of these personal energies. Borrowing it’s name from video, card, and board games that isolate the energy (i.e. Mana) you use for various actions from your health, the Mana Matrix similarly isolates and defines four Core Energies:

  1. Physical Health
  2. Emotional Mana
  3. Mental Fortitude
  4. Spiritual Energy

Within each Core Energy, the Mana Matrix identifies four Inputs, the things that increase the available energy of that type, and one output, the utilization of that energy in our day-to-day lives.

The Mana Matrix is designed to be used as a tool to optimize productivity, achievement, and enjoyment in life. It is currently being tested in the crucible of life, modified and adapted as early assumptions are proven fallacious and new ideas are tested and adopted. It is, like us, a work-in-progress. The current Mana Matrix is as follows:


Physical Health

Output: Stamina – the ability to continue performing physically (i.e. without getting tired or having to stop)


  • Nutrition – the quantity and quality of the nutrients you eat, drink, or otherwise ingest
  • Activity – the quantity and quality of your physical activity, be it a part of your daily job, leisure, or dedicated exercise
  • Decompression – activities that help you unwind and relieve stress
  • Rest – the quantity and quality of your rest

Emotional Mana

Output: Attitude – your ability to intentionally direct your action or reaction in various situations (e.g. a good attitude or bad attitude)


  • Self-Valuation – your internal image of who you are right now as well as your image of who you want to be and whether or not you think you can get there
  • Self-Management – the degree to which you set specific tasks for yourself and accomplish them (i.e. how well you follow your Structure, an Input of Mental Energy)
  • Social Engagement – the degree to which you are connected with the people around you, be it friends, family, or groups with shared interests
  • Connection – the degree to which you are connected to the larger human condition, your environment, and the world at large

Mental Fortitude

Output: Acuity – your ability to continue to focus on a task


  • Structure – your framework (be it internally or externally imposed) for the identification and completion of important and relevant tasks
  • Habits – the degree to which the things you do on a regular basis contribute to or detract from your Structure
  • Creativity – your personal engagement in creative activities
  • Curiosity – your personal engagement in exploring new concepts or learning something new

Spiritual Energy

Output: Motivation – your drive or desire to complete tasks


  • Values – the degree to which you act in accordance with the values that are important to you
  • Goals – the degree to which you define clear, realistic goals and act to achieve them
  • Conviction – the degree to which you believe that your values and actions are right or correct
  • Confidence – the degree to which you believe you are capable of living your Values and achieving your Goals